Saying that his career at Sinclair Wilson had covered 43 years, 1975-2018, President Roger introduced Perry Cho. At the time of retirement, Perry was Senior Partner and Chairman of the business. In 1997, he was awarded Warrnambool Business Achiever of the Year in recognition of his development of a software package which became MYOB. His interest in photography had begun at school in Year 7, and he was now known as an extremely good photographer. Roger noted that over recent years Perry had produced three calendars using his photographs which had sold well, with proceeds going to mental health and Foodshare.
Roger also mentioned that Perry had been a novice gardener, but during COVID he had honed his skills to become a dedicated and skilful horticulturist. It was noted that Perry was a Carlton supporter, which pleased Ian Barratt!
All of Perry’s images are copyright to his company Patient Eye Photographer.
Perry began by saying that he worked by the 3 Ps – Patience, Passion & Perseverance – both in his photography and his gardening.
He showed a photo of his camera gear, which included at least 30 lenses and more than a dozen cameras. He also showed his computer set-up with 6 screens, and his home theatre.
Perry ran through many photographs of birds, naming most of them, and in some cases explaining the lengths he had gone to to obtain the images. It was an amazing visual experience.
Many of the images were of Robins. He explained that there were nine varieties in Victoria, and it had taken four years to take a photo of each of the nine. The clarity and detail was staggering, e.g., in one image it was possible to see the insect which the bird was hotly pursuing.
Perry was able to briefly mention his gardening activities, including the many varieties, some quite rare, of tomatoes which he grows.
Perry presented some samples of rare tomato seeds to President Roger to use as the club sees fit, and directed his $30 to the Leila Rose Foundation. Roger thanked Perry for his presentation and commended him on his amazing achievements.