Pictured above L to R are:- SWTAFE CEO Mark Fidge, Millie Spence, Chloe Graham, President Cliff, Ciaran Lamond-Hallet, Stuart De Bie, Chairman Bill Hewett.
President Cliff thanked SWTAFE CEO Mark Fidge and Rotarians Wendy Mitchem and Bill Hewett for the work done in preparing for tonight.
Bill referred to the assistance provided by Mark, Emily Cowell and many others at SWTAFE, noted that these awards had being going for more years than he cared to remember (a check of the records suggests continuously since 2000-2001).

Mark expressed the thanks of SWTAFE to RCWE for the ongoing support over many years.

It was explained that first year apprentices were nominated by their teachers, after which the selection panel shortlisted 9 who were intensively interviewed. As a result of this process, four are with us tonight:-
    Stuart De Bie        Engineering – Fabrication    Cobden Tools
    Chloe Graham        Cookery    Waack’s Bakery, Ararat & Stawell
    Ciaran Lamond-Hallet    Cabinet Making    GM Cabinets, Warrnambool
    Millie Spence        Parks & Gardens    Horsham Rural City Council

Each apprentice received a framed Certificate. For being judged “top apprentice” Chloe also received $1000 – Ciaran, Millie and Stuart $500 each. There was also a $100 recognition for each of the other five who were interviewed.