The Hole in One is Happening!!
Nicole Larter spoke to the Hole-in-One “Supervisor’s Information Booklet” and indicated that a copy would be emailed by Paul Atack to all involved. She also drew attention to the “2022 HIO Induction Checklist” which would also be emailed to all and which needed to be completed before doing duty.
Peter Reeve spoke about the loss of Hole-in-One Committee Members, especially his “Partner in Crime” over many years, Ralph, but emphasised that despite the difficulties, there was a determination to carry on. He urged all to read and understand the booklet about which Nicole had spoken, and emphasised the need to fill the supervision roster, especially up to 6 January when we will next meet. He announced a working bee at the H-in-1 site at 8.30 a.m. on Monday 20 December and urged members to attend.
Loan of old caravans for the homeless.
Joe Baptiste spoke to a proposal by Ian Harper from Rotary Daybreak to address the problem of homelessness in Warrnambool. Ian is seeking the loan of old caravans for placement and use by the homeless. Anyone who can help should contact Joe or Ian. He also mentioned that St Vincent de Paul have an arrangement with the Mahogany Motel for a discounted rate to assist those in urgent need of accommodation.
Michael Bellamy read part of a letter from Greta Perry, President of WET, thanking all who have assisted them during the past year. Mike noted that for the first time since the beginning, there is no RCWE member on the WET Board, and emphasised that this does not mean we will be giving up our support.