First formal meeting of 2024, at a new venue after a very successful Hole in One.
Hole in One
Mike added his thanks to all for the efforts with the Hole-in-1. He noted that daily takings were just over $55,000, about a thousand more than 2023 (Noel Kenna commented that this amounted to approximately 172,000 balls being hit, or 5,700 per day). Sponsorship was down a little, but times are tough. Total income was $93,000 with $4,500 sponsorship still to be paid. Profit will be about $65,000 allowing the Club to continue its strong support to many groups.
He commented favourably on the support of Warrnambool KIA with the car purchase and of the work done by BDH in erecting and removing the screens at the course.
Mike also commended members of the Hole-in-1 team who each had allocated responsibilities, who knew their job, and got on with it.
Club Getaway
Peter Reeve – reminded members of Tuesday 13 & Wednesday 14 February - Breeze Big 4 Tourist Park, Halls Gap.
Hall’s Gap Social Days Did not go quite to plan. Five parties made it to HG, mainly on Monday. On advice, they departed in convoy via Stawell (all other roads closed) about lunchtime on Tuesday, avoiding any contact with the disastrous fires which were developing. Several others travelling up from Warrnambool on Tuesday morning were intercepted by phone and turned around. Comments were made about Peter Reeve’s skills in choosing dates for activities – last year it was gumboots and overcoats on the Glenelg, this year extreme heat and fires!
BBQ at Bunnings - 
Net return from Bunnings BBQ was $1,100. Thank you to Collin Brinkmann, Roger Cussen, Noel Kenna, Everard Noske, Jim Sawyer
Lore V Law BBQ postponed due to pressure of fires on VicPol.
Thank You Letter
Thank you letter from the Emmanuel College student who had received the 2023 Encouragement and Resilience Award sponsored by RCWE.
Recycling Blister Packs
Maggie Dwyer reminded members about the collection for recycling of tablet blister packs.
Nicole Larter – spoke about the initiative to recycle medical blister packs rather than having them go to landfill. Collection points so far are
            Direct Chemist under Target
            Soulsby & Struth
            Archie Graham Centre
            Anchor Point
with more to come. Also, Nicole is happy to receive your collection at our meetings. On February 22 it was reported 11 000 packs have been collected.
Club Donates $10 000 to the Pomona Fires
The Club is donating $10,000 to be given to one of Ararat, Stawell or Horsham Rotary Clubs to be applied to relief. Recently received communication from Rotary Club of Ararat advised “hold your horses” until processes are better understood.
Club Golf Dinner  Meeting to be held 14 March at Framingham Golf Course
INDUCTION of New Member
In introducing Carolyn Taylor for induction, PP Bruce Skilbeck noted that she was born and schooled in Brisbane, that she had a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics. Carolyn teaches English to non-English speaking people, mainly online. She has worked at RMIT University and for ten years in Japan. 
President Roger read the induction statement as Bruce handed Carolyn the various badges, hat, etc. Carolyn would join the Environment & Sustainability Committee, with Bruce as her Mentor. She was welcomed to the club with acclamation.
In response, Carolyn said that she had been in Warrnambool for five months and looked forward to be involved in RCWE activities. She thanked members for their warm welcome into the club.
Did you know?
Continuing the February theme of Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention, there is much need in today’s world for action to build peace and prevent conflict.
While the wars in Ukraine and between Israel & Hamas receive daily attention in all forms of media, there are dozens of other wars/rebellions/insurgencies going on across the world where people are being killed on a daily basis; being killed by people of their own country, by people of neighbouring countries – being killed over political beliefs, ethnicity, control of money, food supply, water, other resources.
Some examples include (deaths in 2023)
            Myanmar          ..           ..           16,000
            Central Africa    ..           ..           15,000
            Sudan   ..           ..           ..           13,000
            Somalia ..           ..           ..             9,000
            Mexican Drug War         ..             7,000
            Haiti Gang War  ..           ..             2,000
Interested in seeing the scale of the challenge? Google “Current Armed Conflicts” or go to 
Barry Rassin is a member of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas. He was a special guest at the District 9780 Conference in Swan Hill in 2008 and became President of Rotary International for 2018-2019. He is currently (2023-2024) Chairman of the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation.
This week, as we continue the February theme of Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention, I encourage you all to read and carefully consider Rassin’s thoughts about “The groundwork for peace” on Page 55 of the February issue of Rotary Down Under.
Rotary’s birthday is 23 February when in 1905, 38 year old lawyer Paul Harris invited three young businessmen to meet with him. Having grown up in smaller localities, Harris found himself lonely and isolated in the big city of Chicago. His simple plan was that they should provide mutual co-operation and informal friendship for each other.
Various others sought to join the group, which became known as Rotary due to the fact that they rotated their meetings around each other’s offices. Hence the first Rotary Club, Chicago, came into being.
As they travelled on business and talked about the benefits of having a group of friends to share with, similar groups started in other cities, the first being in San Francisco (1908), then Oakland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York in 1909.
The movement went international in 1911-1912 with the formation of a club in Winnipeg, Canada, and crossed the Atlantic with clubs starting in London, Dublin & Belfast in 1911-1912.
Rotary came to Australia on 21 April 1921 with the chartering of the Rotary Club of Melbourne, by which time there were 758 clubs with 56,800 members in 15 countries.
The Rotary Club of Warrnambool East joined the family on 28 June 1967, by which time there were 600,000 Rotarians in more than 12,000 clubs.
Today, there are 1.2M Rotarians in 37,123 clubs across 221 countries/geographic areas.
“Happy 119th Birthday, Rotary”
Did you know?
Forgotten Projects – the first of an occasional series reminding members of former projects carried out by the club.
Frank Madden was a member of RCWE 1983-1990. He lived on the old highway between Dennington and Illowa. 
He was killed on the evening of 16 January 1990 when a car travelling on the highway struck the tractor he was driving outside his dairy.
In Frank’s memory and with the approval of the appropriate authorities, RCWE established a native plantation, erected a sign board, and placed a bronze plaque on a block of concrete. As the recent photos below show, all three items are still in place. As you wizz round the Illowa Corner on your way to or from Port Fairy, note the 34 year old club project.