The NSSS began in 1983. Its aim was to encourage high school science students to come to Canberra to study. Over a 2 week residential program in January, the selected students were given access to University and other laboratories, and to high standing academics. The first program was delivered in 1984 to 200 young people from across Australia, including one sponsored by RCWE. Developed under the auspices of local Rotarians and academics, the program was initially funded by the Canberra Development Commission. It was later supported for several years by Siemens and by Rio Tinto.
Rotarians have been involved in the selection of students to attend from the very beginning.
Over the years, the NYSF has evolved and grown. It is now a not-for-profit organisation with an experienced and independent volunteer board. The highly qualified and professional corporate team operates out of Canberra, delivering the suite of programs that run throughout the year.
Since 1984, more than 12,000 young Australians have participated in the NYSF Year 12 Program. Our Club, RCWE, has a long and successful record with this program, having successfully sponsored:-
1984 :: Caroline Gunn            2001 :: Kara Woolley    
1987 :: Stephen Pinson           2004 :: Cheryl Orchard    
1990 :: Rebecca O’Brien        2005 :: Tara de Kok    
1992 :: Andrew McKenzie     2009 :: Samuel Ballinger
1993 :: Ben Malseed              2016 :: Katelyn Evans
1995 :: Joanne Ryan              2019 :: Rebecca Zerbe
1998 :: Tim Malseed              2020 :: Tori Parsons
1999 :: Andrew Ballinger      2020 :: ? Jace Nepean ?

In addition, on several occasions when RCWE did not have a candidate, financial support was provided to the student nominated by the other Warrnambool Clubs and by Port Fairy.
Further, for a couple of years, the late PP John Wilson & his wife Fay acted as camp “mum & dad” during the Canberra activities. Ray Welsford was Chair of the District NYSF Committee for several years, and therefore responsible for student selection.