The Year That Was - Youth and Vocation
South West TAFE Apprentice Awards          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..            3,000
Again thanks to stalwarts Bill Hewett & Mark Taylor for sitting through nine Zoom Interviews. Not the easiest of days but many thanks. We were able to conduct a live awards night after two years which went well.
We had four overall awardees:-
First $1000 .. Chole Graham (Bakery, Ararat & Stawell)
Three runners-up $500 each
                        Ciaran Lamond Hallet (Cabinet Making, Warrnambool)
                       Millie Spence (Parks & Gardens, Horsham)
                        Stuart De Bie (Engineering-Fabrication, Cobden)
Five Encouragement Awards of $100 each
Backpacks 4 Vic Kids            ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..               500
The format of Donation or Fill Sacks resulted in $500 personal donations and 44 sacks filled at an average of $25. That this happened on the same night as the Xmas appeal for Foodshare is just humbling.
Well done to every RCWE member for just caring.
Clontarf ($2,000 payment not made)  ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..            -------
Had internal issues when main staff moved on but have contact to hopefully continue with such an important support to students.
Eisteddfod - Memorial Trophy Joy Irvine      ..          ..          ..          ..          ..            -------
Contact has been initiated to delve into the possibility of creating an encouragement award (probably dancing) in memory of the time and work Joy Irvine gave to this youth program, including being President at some stage.
Hands on Learning      ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..            1,000
Very appreciative of donation to assist positives within the schools they attend (Brauer College, St Pius PS, Merri River, Warrnambool East and West PS).  Updates of their pathways are readily shared and offers to assist Rotary projects, if needed, are forthcoming.
National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)        ..          ..          ..          ..          ..            1,500
2021 started on a backward format but the end result was very pleasing. Jace Nepean gave a lively & informative presentation after the zoom process had taken place but he also presented as a candidate worthy of our support. This program gives great support to students finding confirmation in their chosen science/physics fields.
At time of printing Jace has won an $8,000 scholarship from ANU and is in the running for a $25,000 one.
School Awards           ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..            2,275
Many of the 21 schools had to conduct remote assemblies but we do receive a share of reciprocal thanks and information about how they have distributed awards $200 to secondary schools & Merri River School - $75 to primary schools
Standing Tall   ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..            2,000
A request was put to Board & endorsed by the club mid-year to support a Standing Tall scholarship rolled out over the four schools in which Standing Tall is involved
Warrnambool East Nurture Room ($500 payment not made)           ..          ..            -------
This has been in place for a long time but not actually visited for feedback which will hopefully be addressed before payment. A quiet entry to school for needy children to face their day.
Warrnambool Alternative Education VCAL (Wave School) ($1000 payment           -------
not made)
This will not be paid until visited as changes to V/Cal will potentially have a lot of impact on future projects
Youth Community Support Award ($500 payment not made)          ..          ..            -------            Having the wording of this has led to some new projects from the new cultures living with us, e.g., rebels, scouts, One Day Studios, and that sometimes leads into a new project
P Plater Good Driving Incentive ($1200 payment not made)            ..          ..          ..            -------
Was well on target but unfortunately Police Ethical Board found some hiccups, i.e., conflict of interest and ethical standards record keeping.
A different approach is being explored, e.g., fit to drive standards info night, driving school incentive to participate
New Projects
One Day Studios         ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..            1,000
A very informative zoom introduction from a past member led to Youth Committee taking over a live presentation of the set-up of One Day Studios and their interactive work with youth in computer artwork turning into 3D robotics at Fletcher Jones.
Our support towards the purchase of 3D printers was well presented in the media release by Paul Atack and Di Hardy.
Find Your Voice Choir           ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..               500
After being approached for assistance for a defibrillator which Phillip Gan’s $2000 donation to the club was allocated to, it seemed like a good youth project to continue to support. Discussions with organisers within Find Your Voice have indicated that such a donation would be gratefully received.
TOTAL EXPENDITURE      ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          ..          11,775
We have still managed to meet a number of commitments and provide support to
the community in COVID impacted times Well done to all.
Wendy Mitchem