Dave spoke about his journey to from Mansfield to owning nurseries in Ballarat and Warrnambool.
Dave Winters, proprietor of Four Seasons Nursery in Lava Street and former proprietor of Avalon Nursery in Ballarat and Warrnambool told us that he was born in Mansfield in 1985. After attending a couple of schools where he proved to be not much of a student, went to Benalla where he completed an apprenticeship as a Boilermaker.
Worked on gas lines all over Australia and formed his own company.
Various indicators suggested that his health was not good, eventually leading to the complete loss of his stomach due to a serious infection. “Pipes were joined” and intestine expanded to act as stomach though he had to learn to eat all over again – purees, etc.
Came out of all the treatment with a medical drug addiction which he defeated by going “cold turkey”. Sold everything to raise the funds needed to put a deposit on Avalon Nursery in Ballarat, which he and his partner built up considerably. Took an interest in the Lava Street Nursery in Warrnambool.
Travelling became too much so sold Ballarat – now fully committed to Warrnambool, including a “tree farm” being established at Allansford.
Commented that Warrnambool support had been fantastic. In answer to various questions, Dave said:-
    # Lava Street expanded to take 2500 pots in top section (previously 900)
    # he learned his new trade largely from talking to staff and customers
    # the tree farm will grow natives & decoratives sold in 15” pots at 2 to 4 metre height
    # moving from tubes to larger trees as lesser demand for bulk supply of tubes.
Dave allocated his $25 to Warrnambool Coast Care Landcare.