PP Peter Reeve introduced Rotarian Graeme Squires, a member of the Rotary Club of Bunyip/Garfield and Secretary of the Southern Region of the Recreational Vehicles Fellowship of Rotarians.

Graeme gave an overview of the structure and operation of the group, including the impact of COVID and of the increasing sign of caravans. The group communicates via a website (www.rvfr-aus.org.au), a Facebook page, and two newsletters (national 3 times per year, southern region 4 times).

Graeme thanked Peter and others for their assistance and advice in setting up a visit of the RVFR to Warrnambool 17-22 February 2022, when there will be a combined meeting and the need for some BBQ activity.
Peter thanked Graeme for his talk – Graeme indicated that his “fee” should go to Hospice.
To read more about Rotary Fellowship.
Rotary Fellowship
These are groups of individuals who globally unite around a common interest, vocation, or recreational activity with the primary purpose to network and further friendship. They help expand skills, foster vocational development, and enhance the Rotary experience by exploring interests while developing connections around the world. They began informally in 1928; more formally in 1947 with the Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians being the oldest.
There are currently more than 90 recognised Fellowships from Antique Automobiles to Yachting and Yoga. The range of options is not static – in 2019-2020 two new Fellowships were added – Bees and Beard & Moustache. Noel told about golf – other sporting Fellowships include Badminton, Cricket, Curling, Cycling, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Motorcycling, Pickleball, Rowing, Skiing, Surfing, Table Tennis & Triathlon.
Business related Fellowships include Corporate Social Responsibility, Editors and Publishers, Educators, Ethics, Executive Managers, Graphic Designers, Healthcare Professionals, Lawyers, Leadership, Police and Law Enforcement, Public Health, Strategic Planning, Total Quality Management.
That’s about a third of the 91. Need more information, then go to www.rotary.org/fellowships and enjoy the wide range of opportunities.