The program for the night was a visit to One Day Studios at the FJ Building in Flaxman Street, where we were spoken to by Gareth Colliton who told us about the origins, aims, achievements and hopes of the facility (for details please refer to Greg Wood’s excellent summary in the Bulletin for 7 October, posted by Paul Atack on 12 October).

Rotarians present, pictured below, asked several questions and learned that “coding” in modern computer terms has nothing to do with Bletchley Park but is what “old timers” called computer programming, which led to a discussion of such ancient things as “Basic”, “COBOL”, and Fortran IV”. The exact nature and potential of 3D Printers was also explored.

MeThe meeting concluded with President Cliff offering thanks to Gareth for his informative presentation and to Wendy for her organisation and especially her cooking abilities members then enjoyed a tour of the facilities where we saw some of the equipment and some of the projects being undertaken.

During supper, when we feasted on delicious slices produced by Rotarian Wendy Mitchem, President Cliff announced a $1000 donation to the Studios which was gratefully received by Gareth, indicating that it would provide additional much-needed equipment