Rotary House Newsletter

February 2013


I hope everyone has survived a very busy December with much socializing and time spent with family and friends and that January was enjoyed on holidays in the sun!

As you can see by the photos that follow,  construction is under way.  The concrete slab should be poured in the coming few days.

Congratulations must go out to Rotary Club of Warrnambool East for another successful year with their "Hole In One" competition.  This event raises much needed awareness for the Rotary House Project, whilst we have a large tourist contingent in the city.  Our visitors are important in helping to fundraise as well as going home to promote this worthy work.

There is a Rotary House Committee meeting to be held tonight.  I will be able to forward a full update on the general proceedings and the status-quo of the project within the next few days.





Paul Blain.
Publicity Officer.