End Polio Now – Fly From Everest
Remember on 24 February Ken Hutt spoke to us about his intention to paraglide off Mt Everest as a way of publicising Rotary and the aim to eradicate polio. RCWE contributed $2,400, while District 9780 put in the great sum of $50,000.
Ken made it to Camp 2 and began the ascent to Camp 3 at 7300 metres (24,000 feet) when pneumonia stopped him in his tracks and he was forced to return to Base Camp. Two other members of the team were medevacked to hospital in Kathmandu.  

Far from a failure, the venture was regarded as an outstanding success in terms of publicity for Rotary and the polio eradication program.
Guest Speaker: DG John Clue, Rotary Club of Port Fairy

DG John began by saying thanks for the opportunity to speak and noting that it was good to be back in his own “backyard”. With 28 days to go, he had enjoyed a fabulous year learning and getting to know people – also seeing the great work done by Rotarians across the District.
He noted that RCWE had given $500 to the District Environment Committee; drew attention to the RI Convention in Melbourne, 27-31 May, 2023; alerted us to the upcoming “regionalisation” consultation; commented that the DG has too much menial work to do which limits getting out and about among Rotarians.
RCWE President Cliff Heath, DG John Clue and PDG Ray Welsford
In a wide-ranging address, DG John mentioned
    # 120 replaced computers with spares sent to Lismore, NSW
    # retention of members as important as gaining new ones – keep them engaged
    # Rotary must CHANGE – Rotary must ADAPT – the world has changed – people have changed
    # every member is equal despite years of membership and experiences
    # we must listen, even if we disagree
    # don’t just say NO! Explain why the answer is no
    # Rotary International’s “7 Areas of Focus”
        + Peace Building & Conflict Prevention
        + Supporting Environment
        + Basic Education & Literacy
        + Maternal & Child Health
        + Disease Prevention & Treatment
        + Community Economic Development
        + Water, Sanitation & Hygiene