Our ‘culinary crew’ at the Greyhounds during May Race Week

Our thanks must also go to all who helped including our ‘clean-up crew’ members who were inside the venue and to our ‘car parking crew’ who were braving the elements and especially to John Jehu, our event coordinator.

Annual May Races Breakfast meeting with the RC Daybreak

Thanks to Maggie, our organiser, who was resplendent in a black
number with matching black feathered hat
and matching red glasses and red boots
‘‘Three wise men’ plus the President Elect.
John’ s hat was a delightful little creation
The race that stops?

Update on Paragliding Off Mt Everest

President Cliff gave a follow-up on Ken Hutt from the RC of Berry who as we know is on his paraglide mission from Mt Everest. Ken and his team have gone to the summit of a mountain near Mt Everest in order to acclimatise to the local conditions that they shall face when they ascend Everest. (see story below).