BBQ Success
BBQ at TAFE/New Library Community Open Day raised $1000+ :: notable that EFT exceeded cash for the first time.
Nelson Getaway
President Jim noted that he had had breakfast with some of the Rotarians earlier in the day at Nelson. Thanked James Cowell, Nicole Larter, Wendy Mitchem, and Peter Reeve for their contribution to making the trip memorable.
While Peter R advised that all had returned safely from the “swimming trip” to Nelson and Pritchard’s Landing. Because of the poor weather, improvisation was necessary, and this pulled the group together. They had eaten well. Peter reiterated thanks to James, Nicole & Wendy for their efforts, and mentioned especially Wendy’s morning & afternoon platters, cheesecakes, and DRY wood.
Hole in One Update
Mike – thank you to those who had contacted their allocated Hole-in-1 sponsors. There had been a 99% success rate. Mike provided Freddo Frogs as a reward and an encouragement to keep going.
Did you know?
The Rotary Foundation is a non-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs. It is supported solely by voluntary contributions.
The Rotary Foundation helps Rotary members to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace by improving health, providing quality education, improving the environment, and alleviating poverty.
The Rotary Foundation began as an idea of R I President (1916-1917) Arch Klumph, which he put forward at the R I Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, that year. It began with a contribution of just a few dollars, and had limited success until the death of Rotary Founder Paul Harris on 27 January 1947, when memorial donations raised US$371,143 in 1946-1947 and US$955,905 in 1947-1948.
In Rotary year 2020-2021, the Foundation had income of more than US$500M.
The Rotary Foundation is managed by a Board of 15 Trustees, all of whom are Rotarians. For 2022-2023, the Chairman of the Board is an A ussie, Ian Riseley, from Sandringham, Victoria, who was President of Rotary International in 2017-2018. Three other Board members are Past RI Presidents, Barry Rassin (2018-2019, Bahamas), Holger Knaack (2020-2021, Germany) and Mark Daniel Maloney (2019-2020, USA), while the remainder are Rotarians from Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, India, Japan, Kenya, Pakistan, Taiwan, USA (3). You can find more details on the last page of the most recent Rotary Down Under.