Phantom of the Open
Maggie Dwyer – reminded members of the Inner Wheel movie Phantom of the Open, 2.30 for 3.00 p.m. Sunday 2 October. Tickets available from Beth Welsford.
Caravan Accomodation for the Homeless
Joe Baptiste – advised that the RCWD plan to use caravans to house the homeless had at last had some success with the Council agreeing to house caravans at Shipwreck Bay. Also Council made $10,000 available as did one of the local philanthropic trusts, allowing two caravans to be purchased.
Orchids for Sale or Rent
Noel Kenna mentioned that he still had plenty of orchids to hire out ($10) or sell outright ($15).
Hole in One
Mike Toone mentioned the Thursday coffee, and thanked members who had attended the Hole-in-1 working bee. He also expressed appreciation for the offers of assistance with specific jobs coming from individual members. Next week, the sponsors’ list will go round – with whom can you help?
Cliff Heath thanked members for BBQ support and outlined several activities ahead which will require continuing involvement of members. Bunnings BBQ on October 8.
Did you know?
Despite the war years, Rotary continued to expand, adding clubs in Argentina, China, Cuba, Hawaii (then an independent country), India, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Wales, so that by Rotary Year 1919-1920, there were 530 Rotary clubs with about 45,000 members.
In 1920-1921, a further six countries were added, including Australia, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Spain. The first Rotary club in Australia was Melbourne, chartered on 21 April 1921.