DG Ian said that he had been in Warrnambool for six years, where he was Principal of King’s College and a member of the Rotary Club of Warrnambool Daybreak. A change of job brought about a move to Mt Gambier, where he joined the Rotary Club of Mount Gambier Lakes.
He began his talk by recognising PDG Ray Welsford, AG Janey Preston and PP Joe Baptiste. DG Ian thanked the four Rotarians who will fill the President role through 2023-2024, also PE Peter Mentha, and RCWE for 56 years of service to the community, the world, and Rotary. While local commitment and service are very important, we need to remember that RCWE is part of something much bigger, and as such has obligations to District 9780 and Rotary International.
DG Ian spoke about Rotary International President Gordon McInally, who is from South Queensferry in Scotland, and who wishes to dedicate his presidency to making the world a better place for his granddaughters, Ivy and Florence, and all the children of the world, to live and thrive.
RI President Gordon has two priorities:-
1.  The Rotary Foundation which he describes as “the engine that provides the energy to do Rotary service.” 
2. To finish the “Polio Job”, which has been a very long project, So far this year, there have been 7 cases, 6 in Pakistan and 1 in Afghanistan. There needs to be zero cases for three consecutive years before the World Health Organisation will sign off on Polio being eradicated.
DG Ian indicated that in addition to these two, a District priority in line with all clubs in Australia, New Zealand and the South West Pacific was the alleviation of domestic and family violence. For more information look at Rotary Down Under for September 2023.
DG Ian also spoke about Rotary’s ability to make a difference, the economic impact of Malaria eradication, the increased Rotary membership in the Ukraine, the benefits of attending District Conference, the need to read the District Newsletter each fortnight. There was also some discussion of the issues around regionalisation and the changed role of the Assistant Governor.
DG Ian also presented a Rotary Foundation Club Annual Donor Level 1 recognition to President Mark – this signified that RCWE donated US$100+ per member (copy attached).
DG’s Partner, Rotarian Cheryl, has chosen Australian Rotary Health, particularly Mental Health, birth to 12 years, as her Partner’s Project for 2023-2024. She spoke about this activity, and was presented with $1000 by Community Service Director Tim McLeod towards her target of $50,000..