President Cliff reported that the Friday night BBQ for Primary Performers at Civic Green was successful with approx. 180 clients being fed and positive feedback being received. He thanked those who assisted, including Ian Cameron, Peter Hasell, John Jehu, Glen Riddle, Jim Sawyer, and Cliff himself.
Bill Hewett, Wendy Mitchem, Mark Taylor spent several hours interviewing TAFE Apprentices; the results we will see and hear on 2 December.
It would be easy to think that the club is not active, but there are many things going on behind the scenes, including the Foodshare Challenge and preparations for the Hole-in-One.
Joe Baptiste advertised Perry Cho’s outstanding bird photo calendars which are available for $20, all proceeds going to Foodshare.
 Mark Taylor advised club Christmas function will be at WFNC on Thursday 16 December - $30 per person –please dress in festive fashion, there will be entertainment, and more information will follow.

President Cliff spoke about support for Foodshare at Christmas. Had spoken to Aldi who had indicated awillingness to help. Also spoke about pies made by Ian Cameron, rated variously as 9½/10 and 11/ had generously made and donated 6 packs each of 4 pies which were snapped up at remarkable prices by members in support of Foodshare. Ian indicated that a further six packs would be available next week.