2022-23 Environment & Sustainability
Environment & Sustainability
Director: Nicole Larter
Committee: Maggie Dwyer, James Cowell
Financial Donations
We have tried to develop some relationships with some specific “environment aligned” community organisations this year in order to develop the E&S committee. Specifically, we are hoping the Mosswood Wildlife Centre and Beach Patrol groups will become long term recipients of our support.  We also increased the support to the Warrnambool Community Garden. 
Foodshare                                                                           $  1,000
Preserve Planet Earth [Coast and Landcare]                          $     500
Warrnambool Community Garden                                        $  1,000
Mosswood Wildlife Centre                                                    $  1,000
Beach Patrol 3280-3284 (Good Will Nurdle Hunting)              $  1,000
TOTAL:                                                                              $  4,500     
Plans for hands on activities have been stymied by a lack of time to invest in planning and execution. Some preliminary discussions have been had with Beach Patrol to see if we could assist with some administrative tasks rather than physical activities.
Nicole Larter