Our very own Nicole Larter in first aid mode and her “friend” provided the program for the evening. The Board has purchased a CellAED defibrillator for use with the BBQ Trailer, the Hole-in-1, and other appropriate club activities. There is also a yellow coloured version which can be used over again for training purposes.
Nicole explained the importance of rapid response in the case of cardiac arrest, with the chances of recovery diminishing by 10% for every minute before action is taken.
The device is fully “intelligent” and will issue complete instructions once placed on the patient.
Nicole then took the members through the process of deploying the CellAED and the steps in using it in an emergency. Your editor has not tried to list all this information, but has attached two brochures kindly supplied by Nicole. Available in download section of this webpage.
There were numerous questions and members were invited to try out the training package, which a couple did, including Maggie Dwyer.
In thanking Nicole, President Jim stated how lucky we are to have someone with Nicole’s knowledge and skills in the club – well done, Nic!