Brian Dillon, speaking as Chairman of the Community Hospice. In introducing Brian, Chairman Roger Cussen noted that he was a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Warrnambool Central (1988, so 34 year member). His professional life was as a Hospital Pharmacist. After a variety of appointments, he spent 26 years at South West Healthcare.
Some 4 years ago when the founder of Warrnambool Hospice, Dr Eric Fairbank, stood down, Brian became Chairman.
Some highlights of Brian’s talk included:-
# currently employ 4 people, the equivalent of 1.8 EFT, the main one being the Volunteer Co-ordinator at 20 hours
# it’s best if referrals come earlier in the process rather than later, as unfortunately people die before getting into the program
# the volunteer workers are known as “Angels on Legs”
# they have trained some 200 volunteers, 70 of whom are currently active
# volunteers are not personal carers, though they occasionally fall into that roll
# volunteers are predominantly female
# volunteer training involves some 24 hours and takes trainees to related places such as funeral parlours
# a newly trained volunteer goes out with a mentor for a start
# various post-death activities are arranged for volunteers & carers
# Hospice House, the ex-caretakers residence at Deakin University, is a great benefit
# the importance of Eric Fairbank’s workshops on preparation for end of life and his related booklet.
Brian directed his $30 to the Leila Rose Foundation.