President Jim introduced DG Kathy who began by distributing raffle books to each table – the prize, a framed work of art produced by RI President Jennifer Jones’ brother. One had been distributed to each Rotary District across the world, with proceeds to go to Polio Eradication. To be drawn at District Conference (24-26 May, 2023)
Under the title “Our Rotary Journey Together” DG Kathy gave an address designed to challenge us all to think differently about Rotary and its work. She spoke about the need for people with creative minds who can imagine things and for those who can make those imagined things actually happen in the real world. The reason some members don’t contribute is because they have never been really asked – general request not good enough – need to specifically ask individuals.
DG Kathy made the point that the focus of Environment & Sustainability is attractive to younger people and could be turned into an incentive for recruiting younger members.
Young people who have enjoyed the benefits of Rotary Programs, e.g., RYLA, RYPEN & Youth Exchange, should be a fertile recruiting ground for members – make contact, invite them to assist with projects – when they see the work being done, they just might ask to join!
DG Kathy spoke about successful projects at other clubs, e.g., through RAWCS, a successful program providing pet food into flood ravaged area of NSW, also the building of “housing pods” (12 done and 5 to come), again for Lismore, NSW. 
Another way to publicise her club is a facebook post giving a profile of one member – rotating on a weekly basis. Kathy emphasised that it is not just a case of selling the club, but selling it in a way that will appeal to the target audience. Do we use local media? Are we good at networking?
DG Kathy left us to ponder four questions:-
            Does our club meet the requirements of current day expectations?
            Is our club relevant to the local community?
            If we don’t embrace change, will our club be left behind?
            Are our members having FUN?
In concluding, Kathy alerted us to:-
            District Conference 24-26 May 2023
            PETS 1 at Warrnambool Sunday 4 December 2022
            PETS 2 at Halls Gap 29/30 April 2023
            Rotary International Convention 27-31 May 2023
            Her weekly “Travel Guide”, an information source for Club Presidents & Secretaries.
            Her monthly “District Journal”, a source of all kinds of Rotary news and information, which goes to all 
DG Kathy’s presentation left us with much to think about. President Jim thanked her and gave her two gifts, the second of which was a voucher for 100 balls at the upcoming Hole-in-1.