In introducing Doug Heazlewood, Noel Kenna noted that there were several different ways of becoming an officer in the Australian Military. One of these was by attending Royal Military College, Duntroon (Canberra) – Doug is regarded as the only Warrnamboolian to have graduated from there.
Doug began by naming some others from Warrnambool who had attended Duntroon, but for various reasons they did not graduate. 
He noted that he regarded himself as from South Warrnambool which had an ethos different to the rest of Warrnambool, and mentioned some of the unique experiences which followed. He also spoke about his schooling at Koroit, South Warrnambool, and Warrnambool High School
Doug almost became a teacher, but won a job as a junior clerk at Warrnambool City Council where he was responsible for calculating the annual rates – in those days 6093 rateable properties, the rate being 8½ pence. In his spare time, he became somewhat adept at snooker, playing at Thompson’s Snooker Hall and came to know some of the “characters” of Warrnambool.
Soon forming the view that being a junior clerk was not for him, though the wages of £8 per week in 1960 were good, he investigated several other careers. One night on his way to snooker, he walked past the Temperance Hall, where Army recruiters were based. He went in, and the rest is history.
Doug then outlined some of the difficulties of his first year (of four) at Duntroon.
Noel thanked Doug for his presentation, and noted that he had directed his $30 to the Leila Rose Foundation.