Chairman Michael Bellamy introduced Guest Speaker James Mepham, noting that he was a Community and Peer Advisor at Open Arms as well as being associated with RSL Active. He was 2020 Warrnambool Citizen of the Year.
James stated that he had been an army photographer in many theatres of action, and prior to COVID had a photography business which often included work for the United Nations.
He was here as President of Warrnambool Central to tell us some of the things that they had been doing. James said that getting members back around the dinner table post-COVID had been a challenge, but things were coming together now as most members re-engaged.
Since 1 July, the Club had been involved in:-
            Planting trees at Tooram Park, the new cemetery
            Assisting the RSL with a clean-up working bee
            Lining a shed in the industrial estate for “Loved and Shared”, an organisation which aims to refurbish and 
                        rehome children’s toys (more info – see  
            The Volunteers EXPO
            A PNG village water supply project, very similar to RCWE Timor Leste
Rather than fundraising themselves, they have used their networks to obtain money for others, e.g., having local Trusts supply funds to support an NYSF student and to provide a Myeloma Nurse.
James noted that gaining new members was an ongoing challenge bur he liked some of the ideas suggested by Rotary International Director Jessie Harman when she spoke in Warrnambool recently.
Chairman Michael thanked James for his presentation, and again commended him for his community involvement.
James chose to give $30 to One Day Studio,