ShelterBoxes for Turkey and Syria - Funds for three additional shelterboxes
International Chairman Bill Hewett – Bill read a message from Mike Greenslade, CEO of Shelterbox, forwarded by David Milton, D.9780 International Chair, re activities in Turkey, Syria & Ukraine.
Mike wrote, “I have been blown away by the instant generosity of the many Rotary Clubs … and to give my sincere thanks to all those that have donated. Shelter remains the priority for people across Turkey and Syria. At least two million people have lost their homes in Turkey, and more than 80,000 people in Syria have been displaced – many not for the first time.
In northern Syria, as well as tents, high thermal blankets, and mattresses, we will supply people with solar lights, water carriers, and multi-purpose cash vouchers.
In Turkey, we are working closely with Rotary and local authorities as part of our response. We are procuring tents and other essential items like blankets, mattresses, stoves and lighting.
In Ukraine, Shelterbox has supported more than 37,000 people affected by the war, with plans to help another 30,000 with essential items to help them survive winter.
Bill advised that some contingency funds, in association with Community Service Director Tim are to be used to supply an additional three shelterboxes.
Donations to support Rotary International 
"They provide aid each day to thousands of people. In the frontline cities, the Rotarians are real heroes." -Mykola Stebljanko, Rotary E-Club of Ukraine.
RCWE has donated $2 500 to Rotary International that uses the funds to support relief efforts-- delivering medical supplies and equipment, providing modular housing, ambulances, generators and essential supplies.
Medical supplies being sent to Ukraine.
Donation to Brophy, Toyworld and Collins Booksellers Initiative
Brophy Family and Youth Services has partnered with Toyworld and Collins Booksellers to launch a new gift-giving program for needy kid. RCWE donated $2000 to this initiative.
Did you know? 
Rotary Peace Conferences
Each year, Rotary International hosts a Peace Conference somewhere in the world. In 2023 the conference will be held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, from 4-6 May. It will bring together people from across the USA and the globe to highlight the pursuit of peace at all levels of society. 
Rotary International District 6860 (North and Central Alabama), in partnership with The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and the Institute for Human Rights at the University of Alabama Birmingham, will present the conference.
The hosting in Birmingham, Alabama, is notable, for it was there in 1963 that nonviolent protesters for equality and racial justice changed history.
This two-day immersive experience will bring together Rotarians, non-Rotarians and distinguished leaders in academia, government, public safety, religion, business, and community service to share ideas and propose solutions to some of society’s most complex challenges. Programs and approaches that are already making a positive impact will be highlighted.
Toilet Warrior
In keeping with the water and sanitation theme for March, back on 29 November 2018, Mark Balla, the “Toilet Warrior” spoke to RCWE about the disadvantage suffered, mainly by women and girls, due to lack of adequate toilets in many countries. Mark is a member of the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central. The following notes were written by Mal O’Toole and published in the Bulletin at that time.
Mark told us how, some time back, he was at a school in India where the young female teacher told him of difficulties there as the school had no toilet. It was obviously difficult for the students, and the teacher was unable to drink anything during the day. When she had her period, she was unable to go to work, so there was simply no school on those days. Mark then spoke to an Indian associate and arranged for a toilet to be installed. Back in Australia, he later had passed on to him a message from the teacher saying that the problems had now been solved...just by installation of a toilet!
Mark was introduced to Rotary by an Indian acquaintance who was a member of the Nasik Road Rotary Club in Mumbai. He then joined his current club and an association with the club in Mumbai followed.
He, with other “Toilet Warriors”, is continuing to work to provide toilets where needed, particularly at schools in India. There are still millions of children in India going to schools without functioning toilets, or perhaps with one toilet for hundreds of students. Now, schools in India are pleased when they hear that the “Toilet Warrior” and “Mrs Toilet Warrior” are coming to visit them.
Mark showed a video from November 2017 which confirmed the shocking state of some school toilets...there are even snakes in some of them! He then showed pictures of some toilets which have now been installed, providing users with not only satisfactory facilities, but also a safer environment.
Mark was last ye ar inducted into the World Toilet Organization’s Hall of Fame.
27 – 31 May this year (2023) the Rotary International Convention will be held in Melbourne. As a pre-Convention activity, “World Water Summit 15 - It All Starts With WASH!” will be held on 26 May. Mark Balla will be the keynote speaker. For further information, go to!/
East Timor
In the spirit of it being “water & sanitation month”, following an address by Dr Noel Bayley, RCWE became involved with provision of water supplies to villages in Timor Leste. In 2004-2005, Rotarians Andy Graham & Darren Smith, both plumbers & Former Rotarian John Taylor, an electrician, carried out works at the Bakhita Medical Centre in Timor Leste. This was a beginning of a process which saw these three and others, including Peter Reeve and Mark Taylor, travel to Timor Leste. Water supplies were provided to several villages, usually by damming a natural spring in the hills above the village, providing a pipeline to the village, and reticulation around the village. A constant supply of water allowed for improved sanitation, and relieved the daily need to carry water from the spring to the village. This task was largely done by the children, so its removal had a very positive impact on education.
On another occasion, three very large tanks, no longer needed at Port Fairy Hospital, were taken apart, shipped to Timor Leste, and re-assembled for water storage in villages. 
Overall, RCWE has committed more than $40,000 to this ongoing and impactful project. Activities have been shared with Water East Timor (WET) and an essential part of the whole project has been to train local people to carry out maintenance and development .