Donation to for Australian National Veterans Arts Museum
Community Service Director Tim McLeod advised that after an approach by Adam Kent (RSL) the Board had approved a $500 support for Australian National Veterans Arts Museum, a wellness program.
Science and Engineering Challenge
Brooke Jensen from the Rotary Club of Warrnambool spoke about this hands-on one-day activity for Year 9 and 10 students which will take place at Deakin University Warrnambool on Monday 14 August – volunteers are desperately needed to oversee the various activities – training provided beforehand. About 300 students from 8 different schools are booked to attend.
RCWE members have been involved in previous years and have found it to be an enjoyable and stimulating activity. You can work the whole day, the morning, or the afternoon
Please see the attachment for more details and contact Brooke (0414 534 696 or if you would like something different to do.
Did you know?
Since August is “membership month”, here is some more membership information about females in RCWE.
When Rotary was first formed in Chicago in 1905, Rotarians were “persons” – there were female Rotarians and even all-female clubs. At the Rotary International Convention in Edinburgh in 1921 “person” was changed to “men, and while there was no objection to the formation of an “auxiliary” for wives, daughters, etc., female Rotarians were not permitted,
There were unsuccessful attempts over the years to change back to the original. In the 1970s, a Rotary Club admitted three females as members and was promptly stripped of its Charter by the Rotary International Board. This led to a drawn out legal proceeding until on 4 May 1987 the US Supreme Court ordered that Rotary must admit females. Rotary’s rules were soon changed in line with this ruling.
The first female member of RCWE was Shirley Rhook, inducted on 30 November 2000. Shirley owned an electronics shop in Koroit Street, just west of Target. She served on the Board for several years, and was President in 2003-2004. Shirley made a very significant contribution to the administration of the Art Show until ill health saw her resign on 30 June 2013.
RCWE’s only other female President is current member Maggie Dwyer who was inducted on 14 June 2007 and filled the President role in 2018-2019. Maggie has served several years on the Board and was Sergeant-at-Arms for two years.
Including Shirley & Maggie, RCWE has inducted 26 females. Sadly, the service of three of these was cut short by their passing – doubly sad because they were each significant contributors to the work of the club. Many of the others left after only a short time, having never really been absorbed into the culture of the club.