Coastguard Jet Ski's
The Coastguard who advised PP Cliff that the two jet skis donated in association with the Rotary Club of Warrnambool as an R100 project were proving useful. Five locals had been accredited to use the machines and three of those were being further accredited to train others. A very positive result.
BBQ at TAFE lunchtime Wednesday 5 July – spin off from Library opening .
Cliff Heath – Bunnings BBQ on 12th had made $880 profit – less than expected, and Bunnings had indicated that their trade for the day was also down on expectation – may be something to do with 12 interest rates rises! Cliff thanked all who assisted.
Guest Speaker Donations
Board was looking for suggestions for organisations to receive the Guest Speaker donations in 2023-2024.
Rather than receiving a gift, guest speakers at dinner meetings are asked to nominate an organisation from a list, to whom they would like the Club to donate $30. 
As part of the end of year process, the organisations supported by Guest Speakers through the year have been totalled up, with the following results
Community Hospice                    4                    $120
Leila Rose Foundation                6                    $180     
Mosswood Wildlife                    3                    $  90
One Day Studios                        6                    $180
TOTAL                                       19               $570