BBQ News
Cliff Heath informed members all remaining scheduled upcoming BBQs are fully subscribed. He thanked all club members who assisted at the greyhounds, and reiterated Jim’s special thanks to those who worked outside managing the traffic and parking. The club had a lot of fun and raised some funds, and the WGRC very pleased with our efforts.  
The East Warrnambool Primary School BBQ has been changed from Tuesday 16  to Wednesday 17 May and is now in the afternoon.
Hole In One Update
Mike Toone thanked Roger and Bruce for taking responsibility for HiO sponsorship for the coming year. The club now has a complete listing of all sponsors and relevant details including their services, sponsorship or in kind assistance. 
Request for Assistance
President Jim introduce a special speaker, Ann Barker from the Rotary Club of Warrnambool Daybreak who made a brief presentation to the club regarding a refugee advocacy group she represents. Ann and her group is seeking community support for the relocation of an Iraqi family to Warrnambool. A Federal Government program to sponsor refugees from countries where it so unsafe people are unable to live there requires support and sponsorship from a host community. Once in a refugee camp, people can live there up to ten years. Refugees arrive with essentially nothing, and are greeted by the local group assisting them to settle in Australia, but in this case, specifically Warrnambool. Ann highlighted the advocacy group comprised a mix of people with a common wish to make a difference to the plight of refugees. This work takes a lot of planning and support, and involves a commitment for up to twelve months. Support is practical, emotional and financial. The target funds required is $12,000, and the group has currently raised about $5,000. In closing, Ann informally requested whether our club would be able to assist.
Ann took some questions and presented a short video for members’ information. Ann noted if our club was able to provide any financial support, this would help them reach their goal to assist this family. Mum, Dad and three young children. Ann noted a house has been made available for initial housing, but some furnishings will be required. Family needs to get visas, but currently situated in Lebanon.
Induction of Peter Newell
Bill Hewett introduced Peter Newell who was inducted by President Jim. Peter was one of Bill’s colleagues at Fletcher Jones for many years as a tech person, before moving on to other local organisations including The Standard and Warrnambool City Council. 
President Jim, PP Bill Hewett, newly inducted Rotarian Peter Newell. Photo: James Cowell