Visiting Rotarian
President Jim introduced Visiting Rotarian Deborah Wilckens from the Rotary Club of Putney, London, who is “down under” to attend the RI Convention.
In response, Deborah said that Putney was near the Thames and the start of the famous annual boat race. She noted that she was President-Elect of her club, and that she works in Financial Services in a Bank in the City of London.

Note: the Rotary Club of Putney was chartered on 25 May 1925 making it one of the oldest clubs in the world. It is an evening club, currently has 34 members, and includes people of 17 different nationalities.
The Week
Jim observed that it had been a fairly quiet week, though coffee had gone ahead at the RSL this morning – see photo, including Peter Reeve who it was good to see out and about.
The 2nd Annual Smart Arse Challenge
Challenge 1: ten songs from the 40s to the 70s where the task was to name the song and the artist.
Challenge 2: nine random letters were drawn by various members, being E E F H N N O E U – they weren’t all that well chosen and the best that could be achieved were several four-letter words.
Challenge 3: one person from each table was chosen to pick a word at random from the bag, then draw a representation on the butcher’s paper until someone guessed the word. The participants were Peter Mentha, Roger Cussen, Paul Atack, Joan Davey and visitor Deborah,
Challenge 4: the same again, this time the illustrators were Kellie Mentha, Maggie Dwyer, Leon Davey, President Jim, and David Hetherington.
By some mysterious calculation Mark & Nicole decided that the table group pictured was the winner and they were invited to collect their Gold Medals, bottles of wines, boxes of chocolates, and similar.
There was much mirth during the proceedings – Mark and Nicole were thanked and applauded for the work they did to make it happen.
'2023 Smart Arses'