July is Transition Month with a considerable amount of planning taking place for the year ahead.
Nelson/Glenelg Trip
Peter Reeve said that he was having difficulty making weekend bookings for the proposed Nelson/Glenelg trip in October. Will go ahead with a mid-week booking in week of 24 October. Not wanting to shut out those who work. More later.
Donation to Victorian Veterans Family Services
Community Service Director Tim McLeod thanked the Community Service Committee for their support in allocating $250 to the launch for the “Victorian Veterans Family Services” project under the auspices of Legacy. Warrnambool has been chosen for the regional launch on 25/8/22. The project is to support Veterans, families and support people affected by the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran suicide.
National Youth Science Forum attendee Jace Nepean
Vocational & Youth Director Wendy Mitchem advised that National Youth Science Forum attendee Jace Nepean had received a Premier’s VCE Award for excellence, having achieved a perfect score of 50/50 in Year 12 Physics while still in Year 11. He was one of 298 students across 90 subjects to achieve such an award. He was one of only five students to achieve an award in Physics, the other four being at large metropolitan schools